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Measuring Your Dog

Measuring your dog is important as sizes for dog collars and clothing can be confusing.  We recommend you measure your dog using the guidelines shown below and choose the size giving the most room.  Remember, any clothing and especially collars should fit comfortably and snug without any restriction or tightness.  Dogs come in all shapes and sizes an the information shown below is for guidance only.  We are happy to exchange items for alternative sizes where available.


There are 2 ways in which you can determine the right size collar for your dog.  

Option 1:  
Measure you dogs old collar (if it’s the right size).  To do this, lay the collar out and use a tape measure from the outer edge of the buckle to the hole used. This will give you the correct size.

Option 2:
Measure your dogs neck.  To do this, use a tape to measure how you want the collar to fit around your dogs neck.  It should have enough room so it’s not tight but not too loose that the head slips through.  A rough gauge is to allow two fingers to fit easily under the tape whilst measuring.

Coats and Clothing


To measure the length of clothing, measure from the base of the neck (where the collar would sit) to the base of the tail along your dogs back bone (sometimes called the topline).  If your dog is stouter, has a thick coat, broader chest or is at the maximum measurement for the size listed against the product, you may want to go up to the next size for a better more comfortable fit.

Measuring Handmade Collars

We'll custom make your leather collar by hand as soon as we receive your order and will usually have it made and sent out to you within ten working days. It can sometimes take a little longer if we're particularly busy.

As these collars are handmade to order, we are unable to offer refunds or returns. In the unlikely event that your collar is faulty or damaged, please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange a refund or replacement.

Sizing Guides for Handmade Collars

We measure our collars from the centre of the buckle to the first and last hole as in the image below, so if the distance from the centre of the buckle to the first hole was 12" and the distance to the last hole was 14", the collar size would be a 12"-14" and would fit a dog with a neck between the sizes of 12" and 14". There is a half an inch gap between each hole.  

To measure your dog's neck, use a soft tape measure or piece of string and wrap around the centre of the neck so that it is touching the fur but is not tight.  This will be the smallest length of the collar.

For example, if the measurement is 12", we'd recommend a 12"-14" collar.  If you're unsure of sizing please contact us before ordering.

Please note, DO NOT measure the total length of your collar as this will lead to an incorrect size.


Sizing a sighthound collar

To size your sighthound for a collar, you can measure your existing collar in exactly the same way as above.

If measuring your dog's neck, then it's slightly different as sighthounds are adept escape artists.  With a soft tape measure, measure the circumference of the neck from below the chin to behind the ears so that the tape measure is touching the fur but is not  tight.  If the measurement is 13", then the smallest sized hole on the collar would be 13" from the centre of the buckle on your collar.